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THIS is the big

$THIS isn’t just a cool name with a pretty face.
There’s a pretty innovative thing about $THIS:
$THIS rewards people for talking about it.

And THIS is how it happens:
3% of all the transaction volume is sent as ETH to a wallet we call the Engagement Fund. The Fund will be used as a reward pot in a weekly engagement contest for tweets mentioning $THIS.

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Our weekly engagement contest is divided in two phases:
Qualifying and Voting.

In the Qualifying Phase, the 6 eligible tweets mentioning $THIS with the highest engagement (likes + retweets + replies) move on to the voting phase.

In the Voting phase, holders with more than 50k $THIS on their wallets will vote for their favorite tweet. Voters also get a chance to win a percentage of the pot.

Prize allocations are as follows:
1st place: 60% of the pot
2nd place: 20% of the pot
3rd place: 10% of the pot
Voters: 10 randomly selected voters get 1% of the pot each.

THIS makes everyone win. Infuencers get a huge reward for spreading the word. Voters get a chance at winning a prize for helping curate the content. Holders get everyone talking about their project all the time.

For more details about the contest rules and content guidelines check this article.

Engagement fund

This week's prize

Final round winners (march 5th) 1st place (there's no 2nd best)

$ 50,000.00

1 voter holding 2.5MI+

$ 50,000.00

every week 10 random voters will get
$1,000.00 each

$this is the first

this is what you need to
know about the tokenomics


$THIS was stealth launched with 17.5% of the supply sold to influencers that are helping promote the project. Their supply is vested weekly for 5 weeks. All presale funds were added to the LP. 10% of the supply was set aside for bridge and CEX liquidity. There is no team allocation.

10% TAX

3% Engagement Fund

3% of all transactions go straight to the Engagement Fund to reward people promoting $THIS.


Funds for maintaining the project, paying the team, infuencer, community moderation, future developments, occasional Engagement Fund boosts and marketing initiatives in addition to the Engagement Fund.


A percentage of the volume will be automatically added to Uniswap liquidity to increase price stability.

this is the eth
contract address


THIS IS OUR roadmap



Liquidity lock


Etherscan, CMC and Coingecko


BSC bridge and liquidity


CEX listings


Additional utility for $THIS


Doing crazy shit for awareness


Not doing billboards cause that’s done to death


Doing even crazier shit for even more awareness


Complete world domination

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